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Virginia Beach – The Place to Be

Bath Towel or Beach Towel?

 What make the best bath towels for kids; big, expensive, fluffy, bamboo towels with extra absorbency or fun beach towels that they can wrap up in completely, like a cocoon? The one key word in that entire question that gave the whole answer away should have been ‘expensive’. The words ‘expensive’ and ‘kids’ don’t belong in the same sentence, unless the question is “what are kids?”

Big, Fluffy And Absorbent Is Nice But…

Your child may enjoy the fluffy, absorbent, poofy, soft bamboo bath towels, but if you’re going to pay that kind of money for a towel you should really enjoy it yourself. You know kids. They barely rinse off their bodies in an effort to make us happy and satisfy our question of “did you wash up?” When in reality all they truly did was splash a little water on themselves and then dry their muddy, dirty, grubby, disgusting hands, face and body on your clean towel. If that isn’t reason enough not to give your child expensive bath towels then you are hopeless. But you do love your kids; good for you, you’re going to the poorhouse.

Batman, Spiderman And The Hulk

Then of course there are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that are making a comeback (though I’m not sure why); the X-Men; Transformers; the Green Hornet… And goodness only knows how many other comic cartoon characters out there that your child would far rather wrap up in (as in with a giant beach towel) than they would your bamboo towels, no matter how soft they are. In addition, the busyness of the print on a cartoon towel may assist in hiding those stubborn stains that never seem to come out no matter how much color safe bleach you use.

This isn’t rocket science; in fact it’s not even a brainteaser. Nice things = adults, not children. Fun, silly, disposable items = kids. End of story.

Do Virginia Beaches Love You?

If you love going to the beach in Virginia, then you know what a beautiful and fun place it is to catch some rays, play beach volleyball, or go for a stroll. And the Virginia beaches love you too; it is one of the nicest places to enjoy the sun, the water, and meet friendly people. But if you get sunburned while you are there, then you may feel like the Virginia beaches don’t love you. The redness and peeling, along with the other unsightly effects of sunburn are not a pleasant experience. One way to help your sunburn is to not get one in the first place. Alba sunblock will protect you against the sun’s damaging rays, and your kids’ skin as well. It can be found almost anywhere, so look for it at your local drug store or online. Smooth this gentle yet creamy sunblock all over, and get out and enjoy the sun the way you want to. Make sure to lather a generous amount on your kids too. They have a special formula for kids, and both lotions can go all the way up to SPF 30, which will really help defend you against sunburn, and will allow you piece of mind that your kids are protected as well. This lovely sunblock feels good on the skin and also gives you added protection.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself

You can also protect yourself by wearing hats and sunglasses that block the sun’s UV rays. These can be found in almost any store or by going online as well. Make sure the sunglasses have a sticker that tells you that they offer UV protection, and make sure the hat, like a straw hat for example, has a wide enough brim so it protects not only your head, but your face as well. These two things can protect you against sunburn, but also skin cancer down the road.

The beach should be a place where everyone comes to enjoy the ocean, being outdoors, getting a nice tan, and playing sports; you shouldn’t have to worry about sunburn and skin cancer while you are there. But you must always do your part to protect yourself so that it is an enjoyable experience. Alba sunblock will make your Virginia Beach trip a safe and happy one, no matter how fierce the sun’s rays are!

Celebrate the Fourth On the Oceanfront

Nothing says Fun like celebrating the Fourth on the oceanfront. If you have been to Virginia Beach before for the festivities, you know what fun it can be. If not, then this is the year you should go. They’ll be decked out in Fourth of July décor, and the fireworks are plentiful all along the boardwalk.  There are concerts too, so make sure you don’t miss that. And speaking of concerts, there will be a tribute concert to the Beatles called “Revolution: The Beatles Tribute” that will be playing from 7pm to 8pm and from 10pm to 11pm, so no matter how late you show, you can get a front row seat to the best tribute concert on the waterfront. There is also a tribute to English music of the 60s and 70s with “The English Channel,” playing at the same time over at the Beachstreet Seaside Palladium. For you Rolling Stone fans, you also have a tribute concert dedicated to you as well. Check out “Satisfaction: A Rolling Stones Experience” playing from 8:30 to 9:30pm and 10pm to 11pm at the Neptune Parks. That should make anyone want to get up and dance to the beat!  Also, be sure to check out Symphonicity (the symphony concert of Virginia Beach by David S. Kunkel) is also holding a concert at 8pm, so there are concerts for everybody to enjoy. No matter what you are in the mood for, the whole family can get into the groove. There is something for everybody at the Fourth of July celebration at the waterfront in Virginia Beach, so bring the whole family and all your friends. You will love the music, fireworks, and all the fun you can have at the waterfront. It’s all free, and will be a celebration you will never forget. Bring a picnic and stay the whole day; take lots of pictures and videos and make it a memorable experience; but don’t forget to stay for the fireworks!


Should The Olympics Include Football?

The Olympics is always full of very exciting events including all of those sports that you can think of. If you are a huge fan of football than you might think that the Olympics should include football. However you always have the Super Bowl to look forward to each year so even if the Olympics do not ever pick up football then it is not the end of the world. You always can that's on the Super Bowl especially the upcoming Super Bowl 2013.

Learning How To Bet

When it comes to learning how to bed you need to first figure out what type of betting you would like to do. If you are going to bet on Super Bowl 2013 then you need to get as much information as possible so that you make a wise choice in betting. In order to get all of this information should start looking for full Super Bowl prop bets for 2013 guides that will give you all of the valuable information you are seeking. You also should check into the NFL.com to see what all of the football analysts are saying.

Will The Olympics Include Football?

Hopefully NFL fans will get to see their favorite football players out on the field during the Olympics. Most people will have to just wait and see what becomes of the Olympics at whether or not football is included. Between now and then just cheer on your favorite team and see what happens in the future for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is a wonderful event that the best teams in the NFL compete against each other for the ultimate win. Even if it's not the Olympics it's still a wonderful event that many people enjoy. The Super Bowl is the best of the best in football.

Top Ingredients For A Summer Beach Party

The best ingredients for a summer beach party come from your own kitchen. And the magic begins when you pull out something as simple or as versatile as dill dip mix to make dill dip. If you have never tried it, then you are in for a real treat. It is an herb that works well in creamy dips, on potatoes, popcorn, It is also delicious on French fries, chicken, steak, or just about anything you can think of. Grab some and make some magic for your next summer beach party.


Pack And Go


Many dips, dippers, and other party foods can be made ahead and then stashed in plastic containers until party time in the refrigerator. Another bonus: the flavors improve as they are waiting to be enjoyed. Arrange the delicious fare on the picnic table and the crowds will gather immediately. Some people will want to know your secret, and ask for the recipe. They won’t know it’s something as simple as an herb called dill that is your secret ingredient unless you tell them. The versatile herb makes any boring finger food taste fun again. It can even replace some of the sodium in some recipes so it is healthy as well as versatile. Put it on the table along with the salt and pepper and let people know that they can sprinkle the dried version of dill on anything they like. Try adding it to breading for chicken fingers, barbequed chicken, ribs, and barbeque glazed ribs. The peppery pungent flavor will have them asking for more.


You can’t go wrong with something versatile like dill, and it can really spark the flavor of all your summer party foods. Be sure to take it along with you to every picnic.

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